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Paradiso Hosts its First Beer Can Art Contest on January 25

Paradiso Hosts its First Beer Can Art Contest on January 25

In honor of our Beer Can Art Contest celebrating 85 years of canned beer we will donate 20 cents to Art Works Now for every can of beer purchased at Pizzeria Paradiso January 11-25.


The art must be made primarily of craft beer cans. Other material may be used to reinforce, create structure or as an adhesive. The art work can have a footprint no larger then 3×3 feet and be no more than 3 feet in height. All pieces must be submitted by January 24 to our Old Town location.

  • To enter the contest email with your name and contact info.
  • If you want beer cans please feel free to stop by any of our locations. If you have a can of beer when you visit that’s two birds with one stone!

First place (determined by our judging panel):

  • One pizza per week for a year at any of our locations
  • Signed copy of “Canned!” by Russ Phillips
  • Your art will be displayed at one of our locations for the year

Second place (detemined by popular vote):

  • $50 gift certificate to Pizzeria Paradiso
  • Signed copy of “Canned!” by Russ Phillips

In the event that the popular vote goes to the same piece that has won first place the runner up for popular vote will take second place.


2014 Holiday Hours

Pizzeria Paradiso will be observing the following holiday hours.
  • December 22: All locations close at 5pm for annual staff holiday party
  • Christmas Eve: All locations close at 5pm
  • Christmas: All locations closed
  • New Years Eve: Old Town and Dupont 11:30am to 11pm: Georgetown 11:30am to 9pm
  • New Years Day: All locations 11:30am to 11pm

Happy holidays!